The short answer, is Yes.

Starting with the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and iPhone X, Apple has introduced wireless charging capabilities which has continued in future releases including the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. Our cases are designed to protect your phone without obstructing the wireless charging signal but there are a few things you should know:

Focus Case
No known issues.

Solo Wallet
The more cards you have in your solo wallet, the further away the charging service is which can cause an issue. It is not recommended to have your credit cards between the charging platform and your phone due to the possibility that your cards could be demagnetized so we recommend removing your phone from the case.

Icon Wallet
Please ensure your case is closed with the elastic strap not sitting between the charging pad an the case.

Shield Wallet

Due to the RFID blocking material designed for your credit card security in mind, the wireless charging is not fully supported at this time.

Overall, due to the numerous variety of chargers and charger manufacturers in the market, we recommend that you remove your phone from the case to ensure the best wireless connection when utilizing the wireless charging feature. This also prevents any issues with possible demagnetization of your credit cards, yet our tests did not cause any issues with our credit cards.

We cannot guarantee compatibility with every charger or guarantee the performance tendencies of the various chargers, but did find that using a power block with your charging pad rather than a computer usb port is recommended for consistency.